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VOID RGB Pro Mic causes right speaker to go out


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Have noticed this a few times, seems that if the mic senses a quick increase in the sound of your voice (laughter, etc) my right speaker will go out.

The only method I have found at this point to correct this is to power off the headset (which you'll hear a faint pop in the right speaker) and power it back on.


Once powered back on everything returns to normal operation until the mic senses another increase in volume.


To attempt to alleviate this, I have decreased the Mic volume in iCUE and brought the side volume both down to 50%.


Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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No, this is not application specific.

As a matter of fact, I just received the Polaris RGB Mousepad and iCUE has been crashing without any error.


I would be lead to believe this is due your software, as nothing else on my system has any further issues.


I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version in the attempt to possibly install something that might have been missed, or corrupted.


It's time you guys provide an update to iCUE and look further into this issue.


The last update actually fixed the VOID RGB Pro sound issues and also made the Sidevolume and Mic better.


There should be no reason why this software closes out on it's own without any sort of error.


To answer your question regarding closing out iCUE, think about what you are saying here for a moment. If you close the iCUE software, you cannot program the RGB colors for either the K95 or MM800. The issue is that iCue closes itself, not the hardware.

All firmware is current on all devices, K95 RGB Platinum, VOID RGB Pro Wireless Headset, and MM800 RGB Polaris Mousepad.


This is apparently a communication issue with your iCUE Software and the K95 RGB Keyboard, and perhaps extends on to the MM800. Prior to these two devices, I had no issues with iCUE closing on it's own with just the VOID RGB Pro Wireless Headset.

Please Advise.

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I am currently running version 3.7.99.


I have not tried previous versions yet. It was suggested that I uninstall iCUE, run CCLeaner for the Windows Registry (which I don't recommend being a 30 year IT Consultant and knowing what it can remove that shouldn't be) and delete the folders located in Appdata/local and Appdata/roaming.


The issue in this case is the already programmed profiles I have and how to retain them after doing so. (No I will not be running CCLeaner).


This issue seems more like a software related issue, in that there is no error posted when the program immediately exits, and that there are delays going between devices (Keyboard, Mousepad, and Headset).


I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing the symptoms I have described.

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