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power for the cp,ln,hub


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so im going to do a power mode so i can turn off all the leds at once off of my fans. i just looked up what the sata power uses and it has 3 ground and 3.3v, 5v, and 12v.


so what power dose the commander pro use and lighting node and led hub?


looks like the cp uses all 5 wires and the lighting node uses 4 wires and the hub 2 wires


now i sound out the there is a double throw single switch that's basic 2 switch in one. for the cp i would need to disconnected all 3 of them? so i need a triple throw signal switch.


double throw single switch for the node and signal switch for the node?


i wounder how i can do it so i control all of them with 1 switch. looks like i need at lest an 6 throw signal switch (witch i be leave they make)


hmm what if i attach all my led stuff to a second psu and just power that on and off...

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You can attach it to a second PSU.

The Commander Pro uses the following rails:

- 3.3V: Powers the MCU

- 5V: Powers USB and any RGB Strips connected

- 12V: Powers the fans


The Lighting Node Pro uses:

- 3.3V: Powers the MCU

- 5V: Powers any RGB Strips connected


The RGB Fan Hub uses:

- 5V: Powers the fan RGB LEDs.

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