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Link not recognising CCP, and some fans not spinning.


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So awhile back I posted a question about a single CCP handling 11 Noctua industrial fans and was given the information that it wouldn't work and I would have to daisy chain two of them.


I have since recently purchased a pair of CCP, and daisy chained them together by plugging the first one into the USB2.0 header and the second into the USB2.0 of the first one.


Fan wise in the first CCP I have installed three Noctua Industrial 140mm PWM 2000 RPMs in the front for intake and two Noctua Industrial 140mm PWM 3000 RPM fans as exhaust in the back of the case.


In the second CCP I have plugged 6 Noctua Industrial 120mm PWM 3000 RPM fans in a push pull for a kraken x72.


Link software doesn't recognise either CCPs as installed, however all the fans plugged into the first CCP work and three of the fans plugged into the second work. The other three on the second do not spin.


Another issue is that on start up the fans all sound like they are spinning at top RPM, but once windows screen pops up maybe 3-4 seconds later they wind down by a fair bit. Unsure of the RPM they drop to, but it sounds in the 50% region.


Rest of the parts in case they matter:


Case: EVGA DG-86

Motherboard: Asus z370 Maximus X Hero

CPU: i7 8700k, no current overclock

RAM: 32 Gigs of Corsair Dominator Platinum with XMP turned on at 3000MHz

PSU:Corsair HX750


Will link to fans for better viewing of their specs since I don't really understand alot of it's information:


https://www.pccasegear.com/products/27872 - 3x Front Intake

https://www.pccasegear.com/products/27873 - 2x Back Exhaust

https://www.pccasegear.com/products/27866 - 6x Push/Pull on Rad



Judging by some of the comments on last thread I imagine it might be a voltage limitation? Both CCPs are powered by a different Multi-Input Sata power cord. The first is plugged into the same cord which powers my HDD, and two other things I cannot remember off the top of my head, the second one is powered with its own power connector.


If it is a power limitation on what the CCP can output, can I change which fans are plugged into which CCP to handle it with just the CCP? Given I've no use for the temp cables or the RGB I'd rather not buy another one at the $100 AUD price tag. Also, any ideas as to why link(or iCUE) won't recognise I have the CCPs installed and yet they are working enough to power the fans?


Thanks for any assistance.

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I would check to make sure that the second (daisy-chained) Commander Pro is plugged in correctly. It's really easy to have them off by one pin - I've certainly done it. Also, try using the other motherboard USB port.


Do you have anything else plugged in to the other Commander Pro's USB port? Is that detected?


Also, you can use USBDeView to see if Windows picks up the second Commander Pro in USB (https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/usb_devices_view.html). If it's not (and it likely isn't), there are a number of reasons why that might be - make sure that XHCI handoff is enabled on your motherboard and Windows fast boot is disabled.


As for the fan speeds - when the fans aren't being controlled by one of the temp sensors with the Commander Pro, that's what it'll do - start them at full speed until it can access the temp sensor (via software) that controls the fan curves. So ... if you don't want the fans to go full tilt until Windows loads and the software can control the fan speeds, you should use the temp sensors as the source for your fan curve.


Finally ... just to be sure ... are either Commander Pro connected via a Molex to SATA adapter?

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Second one plugged in correctly, and I will try to plug it into motherboard shortly.


Don't have anything else plugged into the CCP than the fans.


Will post the USBDview text file but these are the ones I do not recognise:

0000.0014.0000. USB Input Device HID (Human Interface Device)

0000.0014.0000. USB Input Device HID (Human Interface Device)

0004.0000.0000. USB Input Device HID (Human Interface Device)

0004.0000.0000. USB Input Device HID (Human Interface Device)

Port_#0001.Hub_#0001 Generic USB Hub Unknown

Port_#0014.Hub_#0001 USB Input Device HID (Human Interface Device)

Port_#0017.Hub_#0001 Generic SuperSpeed USB Hub Unknown


Unsure what the two USB input devices are, they are listed as HIDs for the device type, but I can only assume the USB hubs are the CCPs though which is which I've no idea and none of them recognised as a CCP.


About the molex, nope. Both are connected to PSU with sata connector only.


Also uploaded the saved USBDview results.


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The Commander Pro's USB Hub has Vendor ID of 05E3 and a Product ID of 0610. I do see two of these in your USBDeView results.


However ... the Commander pro itself is 1b1c/0c10. And I don't see any of those. I see a different product id associated with 1b1c (Corsair's VendorID) but I don't recognize it.

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Plugged the second CCP into the motherboard, which required me to unplug the case USB clots, but same results.


Next I might try plugging them in solo without anything plugged in, but don't have high hopes.


Am I wrong to think they can't be from a bad batch or something given the fans are spinning? Seems unlikely for the fans to be working on both of the CCPs, yet they both have the same malfunction in not being recognised? Just seems so unlikely.

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