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AMD TR 2950x Cooling


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Hello there everyone, long time Corsair Product user and wanted to get some guideness when it comes to cooling the new GEN2 AMD 2950x? I did visit the AMD site and saw the list of all the coolers that are compatible, but I wanted to ask if the new Hydro Series H150i is compatible with the processor? The processor I believe comes with the Bracket to mount the cooler, but I just wanted to confirm and make sure if this cooler will work or not.


At the moment I know we have lots of Air Cooling options and Only Emermax that has the full coverage when it comes to sTR socket.


I would like to stick with Corsair if possible since I have used them in the past and had no issues. So if anyone can share thoughts on this, it would be really helpful, thank you in advance.



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Hello, sorry for missing this. The H150i will work with the 2950x but you will need to purchase the TR4 bracket from here. We are currently out of stock on our webstore but should be receiving some in next coming weeks. Hope this helps.


Do this also include the CORSAIR HYDRO Series H150i PRO RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler?


Thanks for the info and the link to the bracket.

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