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VOID PRO RGB Wireless DOLBY 7.1 - USB intermittent & static/popping


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I have had my headphones now for about a month. Absolutely LOVE them!!!! It did take me a couple weeks to get the iCue software to actually work (kept crashing within 5 seconds of starting) and all was great. For about 4 days.


Now, for some odd reason, I hear static and popping occasionally when wearing them. It doesn't matter what I am listening to (Youtube, movies, songs, etc...) I have noticed the light on the usb transmitter will at times blink on and off. Usually, when this happens, I get the Mic OFF or some other voice warning sound. At times this is really annoying as it will say Mic Off 10 times in 10 seconds. Usually, I have noticed, this is when the light is flashing.


I have tried reinstalling the icue software. I have tried changing the USB port. I have tried it in every port I have on the computer as well as my external hubs. There is no difference at all. They all have the exact same response. I have 3 2.0 USB and 10 3.1 USB slots...


I also noticed today that while plugged in the charging light was not on. I couldn't get the headphones to even turn on. It flashed (the lights on the side) for a second and then went out...and would not go on again. I unplugged them and left them sit while I was working and it still wouldn't come on after trying again. However, this time, when I plugged them in the charge light did come on. After trying to turn them on for about 10 minutes it did flash again but went right off.. I just kept pressing the button and eventually it did turn on. No clue what was up with that!!!


Anyway, wondering if anyone has any ideas...or if I may need to send these in to be repaired or replaced. Again, they are only about a month old...maybe 23 days or so....







Windows 10 64bit | i7-2600K Quad Core (8 lcpu) OC-3800MHz | 16GB DC 666.7MHz | Corsair HX750 Power Supply | Gigabyte H67MA-D2H-B3 (F6) | 1 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 4GB | 2 AOC 24" HD Monitors | 1 Dell 22" HD Monitor | 1 47" Vizio 3D HD TV/Monitor | 1 NVIDIA GM206 HD Audio | 1 Intel Cougar PCH HD Audio | 1 Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D PCIe Audio | 1 Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500GB | 1 Samsung 850 EVO 500GB | 1 Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB | 1 Seagate 2TB | 1 STECH 8TB | 1 Seagate 10TB | 1 Toshiba 3TB | HP BD-RE Blu-ray DL RW

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I have found the problem!!!!!!!


So, Corsair sent me a new headset. Before I packed up the old one to send in (Love their warranty!!!!) I decided to give it one more try. So, I turned it on and watched a movie on the computer....no issues at all... Watched another movie...no issues... played a couple games, no issues.. WTF!!!!??? Binged watched (and fell asleep) Stargate SG-1 season 4 and whilst playing 5 episodes, not one issue. No clue how long it stayed on before battery died while I was asleep..


Got to thinking...this sucks...I got a new one and now this one works perfectly. Well... pack it up, ship it off.


Plug in the new one...charge it up.. start to use it. It's screwing up from the moment I turned it on. Now I am just pissed!!!! Press pause on the tv (up to season 10 of SG-1 now) and reboot the computer (I updated the iCUE to the newest version and my shows are on the computer..) Computer reboots, I play a video on youtube....headphones working great! Ok...that's the issue.. WRONG!


I turn on my show on the tv...headphones go nuts! Have voice turned on and the light on transmitter is flashing and voice is all, "Mic Off Mic Off MIc MIc MIc MIc MIc MIc off!!" OMG!!!! BRAINSTORM!!!! Pause my show on the tv... headphones stop going nuts... unpause...headphones go nuts.. WTF???!!!!!???!!! Apparently, the Corsair transmitter and the ROKU stick do NOT like each other at all!!!! While the ROKU wasn't affected at all the Corsair transmitter doesn't like the ROKU in the least.


Just to be sure, I hooked up the headphones to my laptop, went in the other room, with tv and roku running, it was ok. I turned on the Roku in the other room, and boom, problems with the headset when close to the stick. Better the farther I got from it.


I hope the Corsair people will see this so they can make note, test, and publish the info for others... And, just and FYI, it's a distance thing...My computer sits on my desk wich happens to be, and currently can only be, 3 feet from the 50" 3D TV the roku stick is plugged into. I had to get, with the laptop, about 8-10 feet away to notice almost no issues.. Obviously, the farther the better.



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Hi SpectroPro, the headset operates on 2.4GHz which, unfortunately, is probably one of the most popular wireless bands. There are only a few channels on this band, so if it gets crowded, it'll interfere with our headset. We do include auto-channel hopping for when the interference causes the headset to drop out so it can reconnect, but if there's too much interference on the next channel, this continues to have issues.
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