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Corsair Scimitar delayed input


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Hello all,


I've recently purchased a Scimitar to compliment my MMO gaming experience. So far its been great but since installation and through several software and firmware updates I have had an issue where there is delayed input from the side buttons when playing world of warcraft.


  • I have a profile that loads on startup of WoW which always works.


  • The profile contains 9 or so actions ranging from keystroke simulation to mouse button simulation.


  • Some of the buttons work first time every time, whereas some work after several clicks and some, not at all unless i open icue and click through the actions.


  • The buttons that give me issues in game work fine in default profile when using windows such as mouse back/fwd.


I've reninstalled the software, updated it through several build, updated the firmware, removed and reinstalled the drivers on device manager and repaired the build with the installer(works for 10 mins or so)


not sure what else to do and wonder where i stand in returning the product if I cant get it to work properly.



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