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iCUE High CPU usage with ST100 RGB


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I been using the iCUE software with a Commander Pro and a K70 keyboard and the CPU usage for iCUE has been < 0.6% and for the Corsair Service it has been ~1%.

When I plug in a ST100, the iCUE CPU usage jumps to ~4.5% and the Corsair services remains at ~ 1%.

This seems a bit high. The ST100 doesn't really do much that would seem to require much higher CPU usage.

Is this a bug? or normal?

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Sounds about normal to me.


iCUE uses < 0.7% CPU with a Comamnder Pro and a K70 keyboard. It controls 6 fans, 4 lightning strips, monitors 4 temperatures and 3 voltages and also 104 LED's on the keys.

I add the ST100 which adds only 9 additional LED areas and the CPU usage jumps up 4%.

It seems like there is a problem with the STM100. Something is not optimized.

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