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Using saved profiles on different devices


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Hi everyone,


I was looking to buy the Corsair Schimitar PRO, and I've seen the customisation options you get with the software, and they look fantastic. I have a couple of questions though.


Question 1:

I move often from my PC in my dorm, to the PC in the university labs where I study, and I need profiles for the software I use on both machines. do the profiles save directly onto the mouse, or is it only device based?

It would be very nice to be able to just plug and play on any machine and be able to load up the profile I need automatically,without having to re-create it on that machine. I know Steel series Engine 3 allows this, just wondering if this software can too, and if anyone could link me a way to do this.


Question 2:

can I set up multiple key strokes and timings between each one for a single macro?



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