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automatic Profile Switching does not work reliable


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today i've bought a K95 Platinum Keyboard.

Now i have a curious problem: sometimes the automatic Profile Switching works and sometimes not.

I have setup two Profiles: 1. Default 2. A profile with macros for one program.


After a reboot or after restart of iCue everything switches back and forth fine.

I have a second monitor where i sometimes view a Movie or BluRay while gaming or working on the PC. On this Monitor i've been running MPC-HC.

If i do a single click inside the movie (which pauses / unpause the movie) and get back to my program. The profile does no longer switches. Restarting iCue (not the service) or closing and restarting MPC-HC does solve the problem.


I've tried it with VLC. The Problem does not exists. But you know: I'm comfortable with Shortcuts etc. from MPC-HC :biggrin:


Has anyone another solution besided to switch to VLC?


Attached you find the debug Logs.


Best Regards


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I cannot help necessarily but sometimes they have said ensuring the executable pointed to in the profile is correct it may help to re set it to the extract executable that is run.


Also, this is not a solution but FWIW there are customize-able keyboard shortcuts in VLC so there's that.


Can you share your profiles or some screenshots? May help diagnosis.

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I have the same problem, that the profiles doesn't always switch. A restard of the software solves the problem for me too, until I restart my PC.


Have you installed the 1809 windows update?

I read something about the same problem with the fall creators update in 2017. So maybe we have to wait for an update for the new windows version?


I have bought the keyboard last week and I'm pretty happy with it. This is the only issue I have so far.

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Yes, i have installed the 1809 Windows Upgrade. But i think the problem is somewhere else because it semmt to only happens if i run MPC-HC. Until now no other software caused this problem. But i bought the Keyboard yesterday. So i don't have tested every software.

If i close MPC-HC it works again without restarting iCUE. A restart of iCUE also helps until i get focus once on MPC-HC.

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How are you switching profiles, via macro or by linking the profile to software?


When linking profile to software only the exe linked to the focused software will work. i.e. when I have OW playing my lights are blue, white, and orange. If I alt-tab remove focus from OW, then my profile switches back to the default. It resumes the OW profile when I alt-tab back into Ow. Maybe the software you are using has multiple EXE files associated with it?

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I'm linking the profile to software. The software has only one executable. And the Process Explorer shows only this executable running for this software.

But i have two monitors and on the other monitor ist MPC-HC running.

It works as long as i never click into the MPC-HC window. If it ever gets focus and i'm changing back (by clicking or by alt+tab) to another process it does not switch the profile anymore in no profile regardless which program or executable i'm switching to.

iCUE seems to only see MPC-HC has focus and no other program after MPC-HC has had the focus once.

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Ok, now i have the same problem with VLC.

But i know why!


If you have any Program running which is set as "Always on Top" iCUE does not detect any other program running which has the focus.


If you only have one Monitor this is normal as you would not use multiple programs in the Foreground. But if you have, like i have, two monitors this produces a problem:

You have one Monitor with one program you are using and another monitor with a program which is always on top but you are not actively using this program.

Despite you are using another program iCUE does not detect the program you are using but the program which is set to be always on top.


Thanks for all your help. Now i know to circumvent this problem.


PS: Another "Gaming Software" did not had this problem. Used it long time with my old Keyboard. So there exists a solution for this problem so Corsair could fix it.

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