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LGA 2066 and H100i v1 loose on CPU. Help needed


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I attempted to install my existing H100i in my new ASUS ROG STRIX X299-E and i9 7940X chip using the provided LGA 2011 screws per https://www.corsair.com/us/en/blog/h...00i-cpu-cooler and the cooler head isn't firmly contacting the 7940X chip. I don't see how washers will help as others have mentioned as the back plate isn't supposed to be used as it was in my former Z97 setup.


It seems the LGA 1366 standoffs are physically shorter by a few mm, but the threads are incompatible with the threaded holes on the mobo. The LGA 2011 standoffs thread in fine but are too tall, so the cooler head won't firmly contact the board.


Any suggested action plan to resolve would be appreciated! I'm dead in the water without help :( .

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