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Is my H100iGTX dying ?


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I have a i76700k cooled by a H100i GTX (at the top of a CM Storm Stryker)

Starting a few weeks back, I have notice that some days the idle temp are quite high



This cause high temps going to 100C after 2 min of Aida64, with throttling around 15%


Some other days, without changing anything, idle are back to 30C and I can run Aida64 for 20min with max temps around 80C


So I'm wondering if I should look a thermal compound, since I'm using Corsair pre applied one since day one, in Feb 2015

Or is my H100iGTX dying ?



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Have you performed any maintenance on the cooler? You may have a large amount of dust build up in the fans/radiator which can cause heat issues, like this. I would take it outside and dust the fans and the rad out. As well, I would highly recommend replacing the TIM.
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I have received finally the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut and proceed to TIM replacement.

Unfortunately the issue is not fixed, the temps during Aida 64 looks way too high, especially with an i76700k on stock settings (not even XMP profile has been applied)





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Can you tell us what the starting coolant temperature (H100i GTX temp) was before beginning these tests? What I see in the graph is clear and linear shift in temperature across all cores of +15C or more in 5 minutes. That should not happen at those fan speeds.


What happened when you ended the test in regard the H100i GTX temp? Did it hover around that 36-37C mark? Or immediately start dropping down back close to where you started?


One of the early indicators of a failing system is the coolant heats up too quickly and then won't come down. While this could also occur if you block the exit of hot air coming off the radiator, I think we have eliminated that as a source. The only other thing would be if you recently threw a tight dust filter on top of the radiator. Another thing to check is the effect of pump speed. In a healthy cooler, pump speed should be trivial over the short terms and with smaller TDP processors. While at the desktop not under load, switch the pump up to the highest (Extreme/Performance) speed around 2800-3000 rpm. If you see the coolant take a sudden plunge, there likely is some kind of restriction inside the cooler.

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I redid the test


Idle, temps are quite good

First check, pump speed effect

I switch from quiet to Performance speed, not much difference








But one I start Aida CPU Stress test, that's another story

Pump in Quiet Mode








Throttling went actually up to 11%


Pump in Performance Mode








No Throttling



I have actually done the opposite an removed the dust filter on top of my Storm Stryker a month ago



From the test it seems I have a very good idle cooler that doesnt cope with stress too well :rolleyes:

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I think it is more likely you have some building blockage inside the cooler preventing the coolant from making the usual number of trips around. I would contact Corsair Tech Support through the official Ticket System in the menu the above. The key here is the difference between the two pump modes. It should not exist in a short duration test.
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