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Elgato stream deck and mini together?


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If I purchased the six button versus the larger size I think 12? Button elgato Stream deck and stream deck mini would I be able to use both for ‘18 keys/folders’


I have several practical questions but I’m ultimately curious if I purchased the the smaller one in the near term could i add to it in the future with the stream deck with independence or does it recognize devices as one in the same?


Asking as I have a k95 scimitar and infiniton “maxed” out in outlook and other apps and they are each worth their weight in gold and curious what my options may be

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Thank you Zotty! I think my wallet just got a couple hundred bucks lighter though...I think I might get a deck and use it alongside my infinitton for now and then maybe get a second deck over time - maybe keep one at home and one at the office and then use them both in dire circumstances. Important to know the upgrade path is there though.
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it arrived today! My first anyways. Works great with the Infiniton but outshines it in every department. Elgato had software updates, infinitton did not past 1.1.


First and foremost benefit of the Elgato is that the folders can be nested, which is HUGE in photo shop or things like it. Say you work with logos a lot...There's a limited number of allowed ps hotkeys - especially with actions - and coding them in autohotkey outside of the actions pallet is very hard to remember everything.


The nested folders can contain nested folders...so that probably has a limit but I doubt I will ever encounter it. I can throw little representatve pictures of vector logos and its a lot better than trying to locate some poorly named logo with a variation that I might only use occasionally especially if it maybe has an underscore in it or something making it hard to autocomplete potentially.


So now I have a physical 66 macro keys (counting the dpi up and down and MR M123 and media keys I remap + 12 scimitar side buttons and 18 k95 classic and the fifteen on the elgato and infinniton).


I'll be a busy bee now that I am not scared of running out of space on the elgato.


Second benefit is the stand, its just better, i have to prop up the infinniton if I need to.


Third benefit - apparent api integrations exist despite them being unofficial- good stuff you are not seeing with the competitor



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