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CMX512-3200C2PT 1 Module bad


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Bought the 1GB set 07/22/2004 from New Egg and have had no problems with it until just recently. Computer began crashing to the "blue screen of death" and I thought it was a windows problem. Tried reinstalling windows and it would sometimes get part way through but it would always crash with a "memory management" error. Thought it was a problem reading my windows disc because it was having problems installing all the files from the windows disc.I took out one of the 512 modules and tried again and it continued crashing.Took out the second module and placed the the other module in the first slot and :biggrin: :biggrin: voilaa computer ran fine with no more problems installing windows or crashes.Installed windows and all my programs again and tried the questionable module again.Computer crashed again and after shutting down and removing the module, computer ran fine. Haven't overclocked or physically damaged the module in any way.


Would like to get an RMA ASAP, Thanks!!


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  • Corsair Employees

Please send us a email with a copy of the form or all of your info name address and phone# and the Module part# and copy the link to this post and email it to Rma@corsairmemory.com. Or you can call them at 888-222-4346 and dial "0" that will take you right to Customer Service.

If after 1 day or 24 hours excluding weekends you do not get the rma please email the same to warranty@corsairmemory.com and we will help to resolve it.

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