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CORSAIR Force LE200 Recommended Firmware 21.2 Update

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If you have a CORSAIR Force LE200 SSD with a serial number 12-16th digit code "12536" (1XXXXXXXXXX12536XXXX) with firmware version SBFM21.1,

we strongly suggest downloading the CORSAIR SSD Toolbox here to update your firmware version to SBFM21.2 with the SSD installed as secondary drive to prevent the drive entering read-only mode.



Please use another OS drive as your primary drive to proceed firmware update process. Files will be deleted during the update process, so please make sure your files are fully backed up.


How to update:

In the CORSAIR SSD Toolbox, click on your Force LE200 SSD as a secondary drive, first proceed “Secure Wipe” to clean all the files in the storage, once done, click on "Firmware Update" to begin the process.


If you have already encountered the "SATAFIRM" issue on your Force LE200, please check the drive's serial number and contact CORSAIR customer support for assistance.


Physical Serial Number Location:



CORSAIR SSD Toolbox Serial Number Location:


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  • Corsair Employees
was this new firmware released 4th oct'18.


As far as i remember my LE200 480gig have last firmware as 60.xx can your confirm why it was downgraded to 21.2


There were different types of NANDs on the some LE200 SSDs which necessitates two different firmware versions. Please see the information at the top concerning the serial number code.

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