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Dark Core RGB not charging?


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Wired or Qi Spot? Did you do a factory reset?



Just did a factory reset (I think). Pwr off, back+forward pressed, pwr on. it turned cyan for a while.


It didn't remove my added actions/lightnings tho.


Now I put the USB cable back in, went and got some coffee and when I got back there was a yellow exclamation point and iCUE said that there was no contact or whatever. I lifted the mouse to "initiate" it through iCUE then iCUE found it.


it is still on critically low battery.


Thanks for your help.

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LOL, answering my own questions here. Maybe it will help someone else.


Plugged in the USB cable in a USB 3 connector and voila iCUE finds it and is now displaying charging!


A little weird since I Put the USB cable in a different 3 connector the first time, but anyway.

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