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Big MESS with RGB stuff!


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Hello to all,

First, my config:

PSU: 700W with three 12v channels per 25A each, 80 Plus Gold

Asus Prime Z-270A

Corsair Lighting NodePro

Two Hubs (one per channel of the LNP)

Channel 1 -> Hub with 6 LL RGB fans (3x120mm and 3x140mm)

Channel 2 -> Hub with 2 HD RGB fans (port 1 and 2)


All the stuff bought through the Corsair store last 18th December


Everything works fine for 6 months with Corsair Link 4 (always kept updated), then:

- Five of six LL fans' LEDS flicker/flashing either they must be ON or OFF

- Same five LL fans' LED animations stuck randomly for few seconds

- Only the #1 LL fan respond always correctly, all the others are completely crazy

- The HD's LED fans NEVER gave a problem


I already open a ticket 777264 last 6th June and until now no solution was found:

- I swapped the two channels cables going to the LNP and one channel was confirmed faulty (the problem moves to the HD fans' LEDs, not showed in the videos because internally)

- Corsair sent me a LNP replacement few days ago (yes, since June...)

- The problem seems to be still present, but this time I moved all 6 LL fans connectors on the other Hub and viceversa for the HD connectors' fans, everything seems to be fine now, BUT

I had the problem as you can see in the videos, with iCue the fans seems to be less crazy but was just an initial impression (with Corsair Link 4 everything were still not working)


Also, with the brightness to OFF, as soon as I EXIT the iCue program all the fans' LEDS are going ON to Rainbow mode (with Corsair link 4 OFF was OFF in any app condition) and from time to time 5 LL fans' LEDs went OFF except ONE led of the LL fan #2 and the LL fan #1 is still showing the rainbow animation, but I think the videos explain better


Right now I don't know where the problem should be and, especially, why all these throubles come after six months...


Thanks in advance


[ame=https://youtu.be/wdI3Oel_N34]Video 1[/ame]


[ame=https://youtu.be/a7es9jl5Paw]Video 2[/ame]

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1) Rainbow mode when you exit iCue is expected behavior.


2) It sounds like one of your LL fans may be faulty. Can you switch them around on the hub? Swap fan 1 and 6 ... swap back ... swap fan 2 and 6. Any differences?


1. Yes mate, I suspect there was this behavior


2. I suspected also that writing my problem here I'd found a solution in few minutes, not like the official support (120 days to fix nothing)!!!!!!!!

You're right man!

There is the fan #2 with just one led faulty (it reproduces just 3 colours) and sometimes flashing, like the others, but I think, for the requested chain into the Hub's ports, that is like it's interrupting something to the others LL fans' leds. Many thanks to that not working led, it address me to the right way immediately (after your suggestion, of course)

So, I swapped the fan #2 with the #6 and... oplà!!!! All LL RGB fans

are working fine and just the #6 (ex #2) is working bad!!!!


Thanks a lot mate!!! I'll update the support ticket!

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  • 1 month later...

Hello!! After I waited 2 months to get my LL120 fan replaced, now another LL120 is gone!!

Now, with many thanks to DevBiker, I was able to isolate immediately the problem.

Why I'm writing now?

Just to show my fully disappoint about the official Corsair Support!!!!

I wrote to them about the new fan, showing them with photos and video the faulty fan and they are still answering me 'there is a faulty fan, do a throubleshooting to find out which one is'

I suspect that if you write to them more than 4 words in sequence they start to be confused..... UNBELIEVABLE

Or they are payed to seems to be idiots and waste time?



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