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No Hardware Profiles fpr K95 RGB (non platinum) under CUE 3.X?


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Hello guys,


first of all: Im german and not a native english speaker, so i would like to apologize for all the misstakles ill make before i describe my problem here ;)


To my problem:


I recently installed a H150i Pro RGB into my System and therefore updated my old version of CUE (i assume it was a 1.X version) to the recent version 3.7.99 to sync my keyboard and watercooling profiles.


Although i didnt liked the new version of CUE when i first tried it, i continued and was able to sync both devices (i have three profiles now, which have diffrent makros, lighting and fan/pump speeds for the keyboard and water cooling and i can switch between them by pressing M1, M2 and M3 on my keyboardd).


But here comes my problem: under the old verison oif CUE it was possible for me to save my profiles on the device memory (attachment 1), so that the lightning and makros worked without cue running in the background - now i only have the option to save the profile to M1, M2 or M3 (attachmend 2 (in german, but i assume you can see what i mean)), but it seems that i am unable to create a real hardware profile (as seen here: [ame]

[/ame] - the dardware profile has a diffrent symbil (like an sd card) insted of the CUE logo) so my profiles will work only when ive started CUE, when starting the computer eg. my keyboard stays dark and only lights up after i started CUE manually/the autostart started it automatically).


I dont know what i am doing wrong (i have updated the firmware already and performed a reset of the keyboard by unplugging, pressing ESC, replugging, waiting 30 sec and the un- and replug again) - i wonder f it simply is not possible to save the new CUE hardware playback profiles on the older (non platinum) K95 RGB.


Can you confrm this? It would be a shame if corsair dropped the support for their "older" (2015) hardware with a newer version of their software ...

Or can you provide a solution for my problem? I would be very happy to recieve any advice.


With the best regards





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