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K95 RGB dead LEDs after two years


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I have the K95 RGB that I bought about two years ago with SKU CH-9000082-NA


A few weeks ago a series of LEDs on the keyboard are no longer displaying their set colours, even keys that never get used or barely get used.


Contacted Corsair support and they told me how to do a reset, and sent me a firmware to manually load onto the keyboard and neither has resolved the issue.


They wanted to RMA it, but sadly I have looked through everything and can't find my original receipt since I stupidly bought it retail.


Are there any other technical firmware / software avenues I can take to resolve it? Alternatively am I able to replace the LED hardware?


It's strange that just overnight the colours on the G4, F2, 2, X, W, Pause Break, Delete and skip back buttons all lost at least one colour LED for seemingly no reason. I did a search through the forums and could see it is a common issue but don't seem to see a solid fix.


It's a bit of a shame when the thing cost me like $280 AUD I thought I was throwing down for something solid that would last a lifetime because that's stupid money for a keyboard. I love the thing otherwise, it just sucks having screwed up LEDs on it.


Considering most of my kit in my machine is Corsair, it's super disappointing. I'll likely look to a different brand in future if this is how their hardware can so easily die.

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