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Bad ram!


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Hello Ramguy,


I've been having some issues with my computer. I'm using the 1gb kit that comes with two 512mb sticks that use dual channel.

The model #: VS1GBKIT400 and the item #: N82E16820145440.


I wanted to check my ram so I ran the test that I found on http://www.memtest.org. After running the test for a couple hours I found that one of my ram sticks had a few errors appear on the test. I removed that stick and my computer is running great. I just wanted to post so that I would be able to proceed with an RMA and hear your input. Would i need to send both ram sticks from the kit back or just the one that had errors?


I've already purchased another kit to hold me over until i recieve the ram back and I chose another corsair kit so I havn't lost faith!


Thanks for the help.


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