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ICUE stop my mic and can't turn it back on


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Hi all,


Today i do the update of ICUE, and now i can't use my mic.

It is always off when ICUE is start, red LED on my mic. (Corsair Void Pro RGB)


I tried to :

- unmute the mic with the button on the headphone

- unmute the mic on ICUE


It doesn't work.


And finally, i have uninstall ICUE and the mic is now working properly...

When i reinstall ICUE the problem come back again...


With ICUE i can't use my mic, but whitout i can't control the RGB of my K70, M65 and Void....


Corsair could you fix the problem of ICUE please !!!

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Reviving an old post here but I've had this problem and the only thing which worked for me was to;


1. Go to Control Panel > Device Manager

2. Click Sound, video and game controllers

3. Right click on Corsair VOID PRO

4. Click Uninstall Device

5. Tick the box which says "Delete the driver software for this device."

6. Restart computer when prompted.


After this just install iCUE again. Can't guarentee it works but it did for me.

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