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ICUE mute my mic automatically


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Hi all,


Today i do the update of ICUE, and now i can't use my mic.

It is always off when ICUE is start. (Corsair Void Pro RGB)


I tried to :

- unmute the mic with the button on the headphone

- unmute the mic on ICUE


It doesn't work. :(:


And finally, i have uninstall ICUE and the mic is now working properly... :bigeyes:

When i reinstall ICUE the problem come back again...


With ICUE i can't use my mic, but whitout i can't control the RGB of my K55, M65 and Void....


The problem is related with the last version of ICUE, because without the update all was working normaly.

Corsair could you fix the problem of ICUE please !!! :mad:

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