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F13-F24 Mousebind does not have an effect


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Hello guys, i have a problem with the Scimitar Pro Mouse Setup.


I am using the newest version of iCUE!


I binded the keys F13-F24 (not all, cause there are just 12 keys to bind) to my scimitar pro and set them to the keys.

Unfortunatly there is no effect when i press those keys. So when i want to bind those keys ingame or somewhere else, the key press doesnt do anything.

when i rebind one of those F13 to F24 binds to "1" or "a" for example, it works.


I am using Windows 10, how can i make those "imaginary" keys work?

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cue is doing what you told it to likely, but your game cannot or is not sniffing for those keys so it is not seeing them pressed.


Download and install AutoHotkey here https://autohotkey.com/download/1.1/AutoHotkey_1.1.30.00_setup.exe


and install and then make a script like this:

Send 1
Send 2
;and so on

save that code to a file with an extension of .ahk and run it. you should see the scimitar keys output 1 and 2. You may want to use sendinput vs send.

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