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H110i extreme fans spinning up/down constantly


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Hello all,

this is my first post so plz be nice :)


I have a H110i extreme, and after installing iCue the radiator fans (which are plugged into my commander pro) seem to be constantly increasing then decreasing fan speed. (I hear this from verbal and visual cues). iCue and link show a fluctuation of about 50-60rpm. My concern is 1: this will shorten the life of the fans. 2: its super noisy to hear them constantly ramping up and down.


Additionally, on "quiet" mode the reported fan speed from icue and link is 2300-2500RPM, which seems really high. the temp of the cpu is about 40-50c. I also seem to be unable to adjust ANY settings for fan performance in iCue, i do not appear to be able to get it to change from quiet mode.


EDIT: accoring to this link, the max fan speed should 2100RPM. How am I getting 2300RPM on quiet mode?



I would like to make this stop happening! (mainly for noise)


Things I have tried:

removing and reinstalling iCue. (no difference).

(i checked the delete profiles option in iCue, which it seemed to do, have not tried manually deleting them)


tried setting a manual fan curve, but as i noted, iCue refuses to do anything besides quiet mode. It will not let me change it to any mode. (lighting effects work fine though)


When iCue is NOT installed the fans seem to run like normal, but i haven't test that thoroughly. (I hope this isn't the solution since I want to control my ll 120's i have)



h110i running fan power to commander pro. pump power is via sata to usb connector as the manual stated. the CPU_FAN header has the 'dummy' read only cord from the H110i connected. (again, per the manual)

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I suspect the core issue here is you plugged the radiator fans into the Commander Pro instead of the H110i’s fan splitter and controller. This caused several things to happen.


1) instead of defaulting to coolant temperature as the control variable (appropriate for the radiator fans), they are running on the Quiet/balanced/performance curves that are based off cpu temperature and that is the source of the fluctuations. Cpu temp is a lousy control variable for radiator or case fans.


2) you are looking at the pump speed in the h110i box and mistaking it for fan speed. There is probably a zero for fan speed if the cooler connectors are empty.


3) the fans are not responding to the cooler section in iCUE because they are not on the cooler. They should respond in the Commander Pro section.


You could leave it this way, change the c-Pro custom curve (cooling mode) to use H110i Temp as the control source and it will work. However, it is likely better to move the radiator fans back to the pump unless you have a reason to keep them where they are.

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