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Just dropped 600 bucks on LL fans... wow


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Guys these kick ***!


However I have some hookup questions:


1) As I am in a 1000D with two quads in the front, I found it near impossible to run the wires properly without orientating the fans all the same way. I feel this may have been a mistake as my top rad is looking good with patterns but all fans are in the same orientation. Can I tell iCUE somehow which way the fans are positioned?


2) I have 6 fans on 1 LNP, and 4 on 2 other LNP's. CP inbound tomorrow so I will have two of those. Plan on using Y splitters, but I need 2 more fans for the back of the case. Can I somehow daisy chain the LNP's as I have anther one or do I need a third CP?


3) Do you sell your RGB cable extensions?



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