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AX1200i not being detected by iCue


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Hey guys,


I did a search and saw others with this issue, but I figured I'd make my voice heard as well.


I'm unable to see my AX1200i in iCue, but Link is telling me that iCue is controlling my AX1200i. Lies!


My keyboard and CPU cooler show up, but not the power supply. :(


Let me know if there's anything that you need from my system, I can and will provide! If you need logs, let me know how to collect them. :)


Thanks in advance!



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I don't want to talk out my ___ because I do not own that Powersupply and do not have Link installed anymore, and DevBiker said in another thread that Link and iCUE play nice in the sandbox, but 2 questions:

does the ax1200i have a secondary connection via usb for monitoring and temp fans etc or is that all through extra cables in the 24pin onto the mobo that would go otherwise unused with a lesser unmanaged powersupply?


Would you be able to or are you interested in uninstalling Link (after backing it up, or at least having it not running at boot) to see if that allows icue to see it? Maybe see about the corsairmonitoring service and see if that is running?

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