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LL120 Fan went dark after installing iCUE v3.7.99


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Hey! Just finished putting together my new rig, i've booted and installed windows and my 6 LL120 RGB Fans all worked normally with the Phase default colour.


After installing a few programmes I wanted to go and play around with the RGB settings in iCUE. I download v3.7.99 of the Corsair website and as soon as the drivers are finished installing the fans go dark but they do still spin.


I've had a look through the iCUE software to see if i can get them to turn back on but nothing I do seems to work.


All six fans are plugged into the Commander Pro including the 3 Fans from my H150i AIO. I've made sure that the CoPro is all connected including Sata power and USB header.


When looking at the iCUE software I notice that my H150i is not listed under devices and that my CoPro only picks up three fans, all of which are running at 0 RPM. All that I have listed under devices are my K70, Commander Pro and the Vengeance RGB RAM, the RAM works fine and I can play around in the Software.


Just need a bit of help getting iCUE to notice my H150i and the LL120 fans :)

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