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H115i Pro + LL140 fans / no zero RPM

Sacco Belmonte

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The fans that came with my H115i Pro can do zero RPM


The added LL140 fans go 628RPM the lowest.


My LL140 fans are on the top of my H500M case while the maglev fans are at the bottom.


I tried swapping the fan cables from splitters but no matter how I hook them the LL140 are always spinning at "zero RPM" in iCUE. I'm 100% sure everything is hooked up properly now and during tests.


I just think the LL140s since are not made for the H115i pro (are they? or not?) they just refuse to shut down completely.


I was hoping to keep my bottom fans at a low RPM while shutting off the top ones to further reduce noise at quiet operation. (this is a sound studio)


Any ideas?

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Zero RPM mode only works with the default grey ML-Quiet fans. It does seem to be an odd limitation and certainly not apparent by looking at the product page or box. It won't work with my HD fans either, so there is nothing wrong with your LL series. I am not a proponent of using this mode anyway and usually suggest a minimal speed versus fans clicking on/off with a burst. It may still have value for you, but I am not sure if you are willing to put the originals back on.


The LL do seem to have a higher minimum speed than the other RGB fans. The ML will dip below 400 and my HD will run around 475. I am trying to remember what gear you have, but there were reports of people moving the LL from the cooler to the Commander Pro (if you have one) and running the fans from there. You can still use coolant temp as the control and this allows a greater range of RPM, most importantly lower.


Here is what I was looking for: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showpost.php?p=972622&postcount=23

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Hi, thanks for the quick response.


I have just a node pro. Not really willing to spend more on that area so soon. Also the space in my machine is already tight.


I wouldn't recommend zero RPM either. I just wanted to have the bottom fans working only.


I guess that's the way it is. I will consider putting the top glass back without screws on my H500M and meshify the top only when I really need to use all the cores. (very rare)

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