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twinx3200XL won't overclock


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i have some problems with my twinx3200xl. I can't get stable on 205fsb@2-2-2-5, 2,85v. i thought i could overclock real nice with this ram :roll:

can someone help me with this problem, i am thinking, that this ram is bad.


edit: just tested memtest, its even not stable @200fsb, it gave me an error in 10sec :eek: :confused:. i have changed something in the bios richt now, performance accerlation is now off.



intel northwood 3ghz

mobo: asus p4c800 deluxe

gfx: x800pro

antec 480w

wd 120gb

and afcource twinx 3200xl ;):

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I'd suggest that you run Memtest again. However, to do this on your MOBO, you will need to disable the Legacy USB Support in the bios as it conflicts with the program. Run the test for 3-5 full passes on each individual stick. Also, make sure your RAM voltage is set to 2.75v or 2.85v which is safe and within warranty.



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