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Help with connections


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Hi all,


I need help with my setup, If possible someone can provide a schematic diagram for wiring connections. I will really really appreciate it.


My setup:

1.Case: 570x white -i will replace the 3 fron fans with LL120

- rear fans will be replaced with 1 LL120


2. Cooling: corsair H100i Pro - i will replace the 2 radiator fans with 2 LL120


3. I have commander pro


4. I have 1 set of CORSAIR - Lighting strips.



And also, i want to know what should i remove from 570x, do i need to remove the hub and replaced it with lightning node pro that comes free from LL120 sets.

I have asus maximus X Hero motherboard.


Thank you, hope somebody can help me as I am new with rgb connections and cooling stuff.


Thank you all.


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