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Corsair void not controlled by iCue


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Hey everyone,


A few days ago i had some issues with my pc which goofed up my sound drivers, ever since my Corsair void wireless's sound settings aren't regulated by iCue anymore.

The only thing i could find is that both the earphone and microphone have microsoft drivers and this error:


Device SWD\MMDEVAPI\{}.{264b3072-147b-4d76-9a9e-813e4d85928b} was not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match.


Last Device Instance Id: SWD\MMDEVAPI\{}.



I hope you guys can help me out!

Thanks for your time.

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Hi godchildcain,


If the drivers are showing Microsoft, that means the drivers aren't installing correctly with iCUE, which is also a symptom when you can't turn on the EQ/presets. Try reinstalling iCUE but as Administrator. (right-click and choose Run as Administrator)

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