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Commander PRO issue with fan splitter


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Hi everyone,


About two months ago I decided to upgrade my old NZXT Grid+ to Commander PRO for the one reason of having everything under one roof name it iCUE.


One day I simply ordered four Commander PROs and installed them in my workstations.


The issue is that I had to RMA each of the COmmander PROs at least once since then.

Fans simply stopped spinning on some of the ports.


Each of my PCs is very similar.

Corsair 200R case with seven Air Series™ SP120 LED Blue High Static Pressure 120mm Fans.




Front - two fans

Top - two fans

Side - two fans

Bottom - one fan


Two out of the seven fans I connect using simple fan splitter.




And recently it occurred to me only the ports where I connected fans through the splitter keep on failing.


Am I really doing something wrong here?

Corsair and Amazon will hate me soon enough if I keep on sending back a couple of faulty units every other week.


I attached some screenshots and a picture of my recent situation where I have to return back another unit! :(


I know my fans do not exceed any power limits as far as I am concerned.


There has to be some explanation and solution eventually.


Let me know your thoughts and ideas!






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I would start by setting the fan configuration to specify that they fans are DC/3-pin fans rather than Auto.


Other than that, based on the specs that I see, you should be in good shape. That said, I can't vouch for the accuracy of the 1.0 limit per port that they specify - we've seen several folks with high power draw have issues. Personally, I have several LL, HD and ML fans on 2-way splitters on Commander Pros and haven't had any issues with it at all.

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I also have those exact same splitters,, running 8 LL fans off one CoPro in my 1000d,, and 7 HD fans off of one copro in my 570x, had no issues.. but as DevBiker said.. have helped others who have.. yet to help anyone who has had this issue with Corsairs RGB fans attached though... generally noctua's mostly.....
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Thanks for your input guys.


I now changed Commander PRO fan settings to 3 pin option across all my machines in a hope it will save the day.


I will report back if I have to RMA any of them again.


In the meantime, if you have any other ideas, please do not hesitate to share.




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all looks ok to me buddy... respectable temps etc across those machines imho.. nothing looks untoward....


Thanks Zotty


I have to admit when it all works it does a good job and that is one more reason I am so eager to make sure I am not doing anything stupid.


I am trying to think, UK suppliers got a really bad batch of these recently.


The attached picture does not lie, this is another batch of units I will be posting back to Corsair this week.


Yes, Corsair does great support job so far, but I am not sure this is the long-term solution either me or Corsair is looking for.


Anyway, have a great Sunday!


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It seems I did not take long, as one of the units already started showing problems.


Port 6 where I have two fans on a splitter started to keep fans at almost max speed, matter what I do.


Please check the attached screenshots


Any ideas?






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I swapped the two fans on a splitter from port 6 with a single fan from port 5 for now.


I will try to use this Commander PRO for as long as it will drive my 7 fans.


So, for now, port 1 to 5 operational and port 6 lost its ability to change speed and is stuck at about 1400 RPM.


I wonder if port 6 could still work properly with PWM fans.


Let me know your thoughts.




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Just four days later and we ended up with unresponsive port 5.


This time I am introducing a couple of extra splitters.


Port 1 - two front fans on a splitter

Port 2 - two top fans on a splitter

Port 3 - two side fans on a splitter

Port 4 - one bottom fan directly

Port 5 - fans do not spin at all (nothing connected)

Port 6 - fans stuck on max speed (nothing connected)


If anything more fails, it is RMA time again.


However, if you have any ideas how to avoid this situation again please let me know.


How would you connect 7 fans to prevent Commander PRO failing but still managing all of the fans in iCUE?


That is if we do not give up on Corsair just yet.


I attached 4 screenshots.

Two of them showing the situation before introducing extra splitters.

Two other showing my last attempt to get the most out of my failing Commander PRO! :(





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as it stands.. the only difference ii can see between my bending of the rules and your bending of the rules is 4pin pwm controlled vs 3 pin voltage controlled... I have ran both LL and HD fans on splitters for long periods and continue to do so with no issues what so ever...,, thought it worth noting.....
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Thanks for your replies.


This is really not going anywhere with current setup.


My current situation on Intel system


Port 1 - two front fans on a splitter

Port 2 - DEAD

Port 3 - two side fans on a splitter

Port 4 - two top fans on a splitter

Port 5 - DEAD

Port 6 - DEAD


The other AMD workstation does not look any better.


Port 1 - two front fans on a splitter

Port 2 - two side fans on a splitter

Port 3 - DEAD

Port 4 - two top fans on a splitter (not responsive, cannot change speed)

Port 5 - bottom fan

Port 6 - DEAD


Please check the attached screenshots.


Both units are awaiting replacement which should arrive tomorrow.


I plan to follow your advice.


Intel will be running 7 fans where two fans on the splitter will be replaced with PWM option.


AMD will be running 6 fans.


I will keep you updated on the progress of my experiment.


If you have any other ideas please do not hesitate to share.



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