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twinx1024-3200XL branded wrong?


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OK i have a bit of a puzzle here. I purchased some of the above ram from a UK online distributor. Im currently running :


MSI k8n neos platinum

AMD64 3200

WD 74G raptor

MAXTOR 120G 8M ide HD



I have been through all of the other forums regarding running this at 2-2-2-5 dual @ 400 T1 timings, tried the 2.8V and so on. Now i looked on the packaging today at the lot# and information above the barcode on the back of the box. Printed on there is this:





on the sticker on the actual ram it says:





Im curios if this is actually a matched pair (im aware 512x2 = 1024) or if they have been tampered with and placed in the wrong box as the boxes are not sealed. Should these numbers relate to eachother?


Anyway an answer to that would be nice but also after a week of BSOD random boots, windows errors and learning all about this i tried memtest98. I put 1 stick into slot 1 and ran memtest98, i got 8 errors or more on test 5. I'm aware of the AMD stage 5 error problems but let me continue...


I swapped the stick for the other and tested it in the same slot to reveal no errors at all. So i tried them in dual mode in slots 1&2 and 3&4 to get 64 errors in total from dual mode. So im thinking 1 stick is definetly faulty here?


Im based in the UK so an RMA to the USA is not really an option here i dont think (unless you do a european RMA?) and also the added confusion of the LOT# and packaging might add to confusion.


Im bored to death of BSOD and random boots now, adding the hell i also have lots of work to do on my pc that requires RAM but im having to use just 512M.


Hope somebody can help.

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The lot codes do not cross, so the package was switched some where along the lines. However, it should go by the invoice and the part# on the modules. But I don’t know if the reseller will give you any problems because of the package. If they do, you are welcome to submit the RMA request directly to us, but I would save the original copy of your invoice just in case.
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The lot codes to not cross, so the package was switched some where along the lines.


Sorry but im guessing from that you are saying "the lot numbers on the ram and the barcode on the packaging should be identical and that somebody has tampered with the packaging at some point after production?


Cheers for the rapid replies

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