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Corsair VOID PRO headset malfunctioning on windows 10 64 1809


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Since the last caracteristics update in july, windows have running the service of extrem of audio of windows making a lot of usage of processor frezzing my apps and habiliting and switching to options of the mother i have disabled, because i use my corsair as audio.

If i uninstall that update it works all fine, until windows reinstall the update again by itself and all start stop working again. I repeat, all was working just fine until that windows caracteristics update. and now im getting crazy because i cannot even be with friends at discord, or play a game because i get without sound by one side and get mortal freezings by other (some times the system crash, stop working at all), and ever when check that service is running high lvl in the processor.


If someone have some solution i will be very grateful


i run windows 10 64 1809

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It was one on july i dont remember wich one was, but windows keep reinstalling all the updates without my consent.

Fortunately i get to fix the problem, a friend look and pass me the command:

sfc /scannow


wich repair "Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.3705\\mscormmc.dll" and the problem was solved.


I have to said, i try the deskhelp of microsoft 3 times, they only answer after thinker with my pc for a while was to clean reinstall windows.

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