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My hard drives make lots of clicks when Icue is installed


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So ...

The clicking is from the hard drive monitoring. Some drives do it - apparently there's a large crop of WD drives that do it - and some drives don't.


It's something that was complained about loudly. Corsair pulled the functionality to investigate. What they found was what I just described - and there didn't seem to be a way it.


But a bunch of folks complained loudly that the monitoring was removed. The clicking didn't affect them but they wanted their drive temperatures.


With that said, it is my understanding that the plan is to allow users to enabled/disable hard drive monitoring. I do not have an ETA on this. This should hopefully make everyone happy but I'm sure that there will be at least someone that's angry over it.


Finally ... you either go to an earlier version (that still has monitoring removed) or you can renamed CPUIDSDK.dll to something else (like CPUIDSDK.bak). This will, however, remove ALL system variable monitoring; you'll only be able to monitor readings from Corsair devices (Commander Pro, any i-Series cooler). So it's really taking a sledgehammer to the problem.

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I have a clicking hard drive (Seagate Exos 10TB) when iCue is running too. Had to disable one service at a time to find the cause. Having every few seconds drive access is simply annoying.


That there is no option to disable a specific drive in first place is disappointing on top. HWInfo can be configured and all the other tools I use too. Corsair is the only company using customers as test bed for unfinished software.


Thanks that you software, which is part of your unfinished products is trashing my much more expensive drives and data.


PS Removing CPUIDSDK (removed the *64 file too) did the trick, but it shouldn't have been to hard to implement an option and to put this fact in a readme or even a warning when running your software. Unticking monitoring in settings should have done the trick too in working product?


PPS Last time for me that I did chose a Corsair product.


Soory wrong thread, I am on v3.7.99 and it' still not fixed :(

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