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HD120 RGB with Spec Omega RGB


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Hey guys,


So I have recently purchased a brand new setup and set it up myself.

I ran into an issue when starting the computer. Windows is installed properly and so is Corsair iCue. In the Corsair spec omega RGB case that I have, there are 2 HD120 RGB LEDs installed, which I added another 2 to in the case ( the exact same series ).


In the spec omega case you have the CORSAIR RGB Fan LED Hub with 6 inputs available. I've got 3 slots taken by standerd from the 2 stock fans and the leds in the case itself. I installed the 2 additional fans and put the LED 3 pin I believe in spot 4 and 5 of the led hub. When starting up the computer the fans run, but the lights do not.


I've tried another sequence ( using slot 5 and 6 ), no result. I've also selected in iCue that I've got 4 fans plugged in. I've tried different color schemes and everything but I can't seem to get them lit. Is anymore familiar with this issue and if so, any idea how to resolve this?


Thanks in advance.

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The Spec Omega RGB comes with a special-edition Lighting Node Pro (NoPro). If I remember correctly, the LEDs for the case should be connected to channel 1 on the NoPro (3-pin connector). It shouldn't take any of the fan slots.


You also have a second channel on the NoPro as well for the RGB Fan Hub. Plug your fans into ports 1-2-3-4 as c-attack mentioned. They do need to be in order.

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The Case LED's are plugged directly to the Lighting Node Pro in that case



RGB Fan LED Hub which only has 2 fans plugged in.. ports 1 and 2 ..






Lighting Node Pro.. has case lighting in port 1 and RGB Fan LED Hub in port 2.




the new fans should be added into ports 3 and 4 on the RGB Fan LED Hub.



lots more info on Corsairs RGB Eco System below



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