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Vengeance RGB pro RAM not detected in iCUE


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Vengeance RGB pro RAM installed on ASUS E3M-plus-v5 motherboard

(with intel c232 chipest), supporting RAM up to 2133mhz.


Motherboard dose not support ASUS AURA according to the ASUS website.

So no AURA software installed.


SPD write is already enabled in BIOS.

Fast boot is disabled in both BIOS and Windows10 settings.


iCUE is in version 3.7.99.



I can only find my lighting node device in iCUE which can control fans's LED perfectly, but no RAM is shown up in the software.

Now RAM can only run the default rainbow color.


Tried to install Corsair Link and it can detect RAM correctly.


Please help, is there any settings I missed to setup the RAM RGB?



or is it simply because my motherboard is no supported..?

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This chipset isn't supported sadly. We will be able to detect the memory but you won't be able to configure the RGB on it.


Thanks for the reply!


Just wondering, is there any possibility that Intel C232 chipest will be supported in future iQUE update?

If not, do I have a way to turn off the RAM lighting? 'cause the default brightness appears to be pretty annoying in a dark room :)

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