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H55+Ryzen 5 1400 temperature issue


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Hello guys,

I have a quite interesting phenomenon with my newly built rig.

The temperature in idle hovering in the beginning on 27-28 degree then after a 30 minutes of serious gaming around 34-39 degree.

But during gaming the maximum what I seen was 41 degree. It is a new motherboard, did a bios update, same thing.

It is possible that I plugged the connectors into the wrong sockets?

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Your CPU temp only got to 41C? Many people idle at that point. I don't use a 1400, but I imagine you are at the stock frequency and voltage. The maximum temperature on that chip is 95C. You are a long way from any concern.


What were you expecting in terms of behavior or performance?

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Yes, I am not overlocking. It is was strange for me that there is only 10-12 degree difference between the idle and stressed state.

I had several cpu's during the years but never seen so low temps under stress. 15 minutes of Prime 95 could boil it to 51 degree.

After I bought the H55 I had read several negative comments, how bad this AIO cooler is. It seems it is working for me๐Ÿ™‚

There was a i7 3820 in this AW Aurora case before with this cooler and that idle'd on 40c.

Thx the answer. I will overlock the hell out of it๐Ÿ˜‚

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