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[BUG] iCUE + Scimitar Pro


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Hi, sorry to hear that. Never seen this before, and I couldn't come up with a reason why would a DPI function cause iCUE to crash. Have you tried the mouse on a different system and see if you get the same behavior?


And when it crashes, what kind of error message do you get?

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Hi all,


I've just bought this mouse an hour ago and I have the same error.


I didn't get any message, the application just hangs for a little until windows shows the typical message to force it to close.


I spent a lot of money on this mouse... please solve it asap...



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Hi !


I see that post is a few years old.

I don't know if the issue happens on very few people but I have the very same issue today with my newly acquired Scimitar Pro.




Here's a picture of what happens when I click on DPI.

No error messages unfortunately.


I forced latest update and didn't change that fact.

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