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my K95 has had a broken leg for 2 months

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All I wanted was a right leg for my K95 Platinum keyboard, as the other one is held together by glue


I don't even care if it is an old one, not that there are too many old K95's going around


The RMA was approved on the 08/04/2018 with ticket ID 762102, beauty, I will get a new leg soon


I get a reply saying we can't send one out as there are none in the bin to send out


I said I will have an old one then, or take one off a dead RMA K95 or other model that would fit, or a new one off the assembly line


no, I have to wait till they make a new leg :evil:


I ask every now & then, I got told I can RMA the whole keyboard back. I said I am not posting a whole board back just for a broken right leg


I got told I could give him my credit card details & they would send out a new K95. I am on a pension, so I don't have money in my credit card


it has been nearly 2 months now since it has been approved & still no leg. So I sent another "how's it going" 5 days ago & they have not answered me this time


So no right leg & now no reply to my queries


this has gotten beyond a joke now

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Hi there!


I'm not Corsair specialist or Corsair fan. I also had issues with my RMA which were resolved with a great help here from Wootaru. I assume that support specialist didn't properly explained whi they need you credit card. They are asking for it just in case if you won't send your broken keyboard after you recieve replacement one. So it's just safety question from Corsair. At first they send you replacement one so you do not stay without a keyboard and when it will come to you so you send your broken one to Corsair. Unfrotunately there is no much good specialists in Corsair support who can correctly explain the process. I assume that having the latest brand new keyboard just becuase your old one has broken leg it's a great option. However I understand why idea with credit card details provision is not the safiest one. Good luck with you replacement.

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But why go through all the trouble & cost of sending & receiving a new keyboard when just a leg would do


It seems like over kill to me


I thought the K95 Platinum was the latest you beaut keyboard? I got this one as I was having problems & had to replace my other K95 (I do miss all 15 of those keys on the left)


If someone goes to hospital with a broken leg, you fix the leg, you don't kill him & hope he comes back into a new body


Why can't they just take a right leg off a K95 that came off the assembly line?

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There are migh be a lot of reasons why it's difficult or even impossible for Corsair or any other company to provide you with spare part. There are might be changes in technological process and they do not have the physical ability to produce the same leg or probably they improved legs on K95 keyboard so it won't broke and now it doesn't fit with old version of keyboard. But since the company has to comply with the warranty obligations so they offered you new keyboard and even under advanced RMA. In your place I would agree on the replacement but it's totally upon on you.
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I think I will wait to see what Corsair says instead of your guesses


Like I wrote before, I have a K95 Platinum, if you know anything about Corsair, or read what I wrote before, it is the latest keyboard


It still does not explain why they have not answered my message from 5 days ago


Do you want to use your credit card so I can get another K95 sent to me?


p.s. if you are not " a Corsair specialist or Corsair fan", why are you on a Corsair forum?

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  • Corsair Employees

Hello beardrinksbeer


Let me look at your ticket and see what I can do, to get a better understanding of the situation. Let's keep the forums clean of any arguments. I will check it out and leave a reply to the ticket, so let's continue the conversation there.


Bra1nstorM was a customer I went and help and he was trying to help out, I am sorry he went in to DMs and said stuff, but no need for us to escalate this any further.




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so now user "Bra1nstorM" has taken to trolling me via PM's. apart from not being a very good speller, "not Corsair specialist or Corsair fan", he is a coward


ban this person please mods

He's received a 1 month ban. What he did was uncalled for and completely against the rules.
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