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K70 RGB lighting problems


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So while looking for a new colour for my K70, I ran into something weird. One key in particular seems to have trouble displaying the right colour on multiple occasions. The only times it seems to display the right colour appears to be on static green, static light blue and static dark blue. All the other colours I tried and this key displays the wrong colour, or nothing at all. For example: if I put it on static red, the key does not light up, on static yellow it displays green, on static pink it displays blue, on static white it displays lightblue. And when I put it on a random rainbow setting it just looks out of synch with all the other keys too. The key I’m talking about is the media “backwards” key (The one you press to go back a song on spotify, top right of the keyboard above the numeric keys). I’ve tried rebooting my pc, uninstalling and reinstalling iCue software, but nothing seems to be working. Can anyone please help me out because it is annoying me and seems to have come out of nowhere. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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It is perhaps also worth noting that I've barely ever used the lighting on the keyboard, only every now and then (worked fine on those occasions), I usually have it off but thought I'd start making use of it more often. I've also browsed through the threads for a bit and it seems recently there have been quite a few people who report issues with the lighting on their keyboards. Maybe something else is going on? I don't know. Again any help is greatly appreciated.
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Maybe this will further help solving my issue. I've taken pictures of the things I've explained above: https://imgur.com/a/fCvObIq


Static red, "back" media key displays nothing.

Static green, "back" media key displays green.

Static white, "back" media key displays light blue.

Static yellow, "back" media key displays green.

Static dark blue, "back" media key displays dark blue.

Static pink, "back" media key displays dark blue.

Static light blue, "back" media key displays light blue.


When I play around with the slider a bit, going from for example the green colours over to the more yellow/orange colours, the button stays green, and when I go from the blue colours over to the red ones it stays blue untill I reach full red, then it turns off, etc.

When I turn on the rainbow colours and put it in a moving pattern like for example rainbow wave, it just displays the wrong colours as shown in the pictures above, and again turns off completely when it's supposed to be red.


As I mentioned earlier, I haven't really put the RGB lighting of my keyboard to alot of use, I leave them off for the majority of time, but last time I had them on I didn't notice a problem. Also when I turn my pc on, my keyboard displays static white. Up untill I originally made the post (09/27) I never noticed this key displaying the wrong colour upon starting my pc, but now it consistently does. It just seems very strange to me that this problem just seems to have risen up out of nowhere, seemingly overnight.


Also I will submit a ticket to the support site, but first I would like to ask: what does a hard firmware reset mean? Is this something I need to try out myself, if so, how do i perform this? Thanks in advance.

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