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Corsair k70 lux rgb NOT working


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Hello everyone. So I've had this keyboard for two years now, never had a problem until today. I turned on the computer (win 10, i7 4790k, 16gb ram, gtx 970) and the keyboard lights wouldnt turn on. Ok no problem here. The keyboard language changed from spanish (mother tongue) to english, I tried to changed it with the keyboard and nothing. I changed manually (mouse) and I type the password. So far it seems few keys are not working (shift, ctrl, alt and windows key).

Once on the desktop I open chrome and start typing, space key not working either. I decided to open the iCUE and check the lighting, it wouldnt turn on, even putting the brightness manually, it would tur on, amd go through every level of brightness and then off. After this no keys would work. Only the @ (pressing the Q on spanish layout) and thats it. And everywhere I would go it was like the Alt and Shift keys were pressed constantly, because i would try to open a folder and it would pop up a window (the one that pops pressing Alt while double clicking on any folder), and I could select many folders by clicking on them (like Shift + left click).

I tried reseting (disconnect, press Esc, connect) lights turn red and then nothing.

I tried it on two laptops, one with win 10, it didnt work. And after disconnecting it, the laptop keyboard would present the same problem.

Then i tried it on another one with win 7, same thing happened.

Note: In both laptos the keyboard never worked, not once, unlike with my computer.

I would appreciate the help since I dont know what else I can do. It seems that I can type with just a few keys not working until I try to put the lights on, but just on my pc.

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