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AX760 Sleeved Cabling question


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First of all -- GREETINGS!! First time registering and posting on Corsair Forums so be gentle with me :D::D:


Im a long time member from a glorious tech site called 'TechPowerUp' so some of you might recognise me or seen me around. I was also a long time member of Guru3D under the same name back around 2006 so salutations and many greetings to you all!


I have journeyed here from afar to grace you with my presences! :hihi::hihi::hihi::hihi::hihi:



Anyway lets get down to business... Ive been trying to get in contact with corsair george who is our resident corsair rep on TPU for the past month regarding product CP-8920177 (sleeved PCI-Ex cables) and their compatibility with my AX760 but my messages have gone unanswered. I can check his profile and see that he logs in and hes done so quite a few times but ive still recieved no response. so Ive had to make an account here and see if anyone here has tried or knows if you can use the sleeved cables with the AX760.


Heres the message i sent George which pretty much explains what i am trying to get at...


Hello George, Sorry to bug you but I cant seem to find another corsair rep here these days. I remember there used to be a guy called Greybeard who helped me a lot when the new K70s were suffering for dying LEDs enmasse but he appears to be long gone.


I wonder if you can help me... I am looking for some individually sleeved PCI-E cables for my AX760. I have seen that Corsair sell several complete kits on their website but Im not looking for a complete kit. what i have my eye on is 'SKU CP-8920177' but it gets confusing because theres talk about different types and generations in the description and my AX series isnt listed as being supported.


Rather than buying it and end up frying my PC, Id thought id ask first...



is CP-8920177 compatible with the AX series??


Hopefully someone will have the answer that ive been waiting an entire month for.


Thank you all for for your time. Hopefully i'll finally be able to get an answer! ;):;):

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Hi FreedomEclipse, sorry George didn't have a chance to answer your question. DevBiker's link to the cable compatibility chart is best, it's a great way to cross-reference which types of cables work with each power supply.


Other channels you can reach out for these types of questions can be through our support website, our support twitter (if you have twitter), this here mighty fine forum, or even giving our support a ring! Everyone is happy to help with these compatibility questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

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