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Problems with 1 (of 2) stick of CMXSD512-3200LL


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As mentioned in my thread in the general forum here I have a Dell Insprion 9100 laptop and started getting blue screens a couple times a week once I upgraded from the stock RAM (2 sticks of 256MB) to 2 sticks of the corsair 512Mb XMS RAM (part no. CMXSD512-3200LL). Since the laptop only has 2 slots both of them were filled with the Corsair XMS RAM.


I tested the pair with Memtest and got errors. I then proceeded to test each stick individually and got lots of errors on every pass with one stick but none with the other. I don't see any settings for memory voltage or any of the other things frequently mentioned in the forum for my BIOS.


Please help or confirm my need for an RMA.






Details of purchase:

RAM Purchased from Monarch computer (on the crucial approved list) 30 days ago. Monarch computer has only a 15 day return policy. I did not purchase - a friend did as this was a gift for me but he forwarded me his email receipt etc so I have the order number etc in case I need them.

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