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K70 RGB MK.2 OS selection problem


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Hello, i have an K70 RGB MK.2 that i enjoy alot, however selecting the OS in the dual boot screen isn't possible for me, i have to use another keyboard for that effect.

Certain keys do perform an action (enter or select) like Q, A, Spacebar, 7 and maybe a few others, but no key goes up or down, making the selection a bit difficult


Right now i have windows 7 by default, so a simple spacebar will work, but my main OS is windows XP and i may use it from time to time.


From searching around, the keyboards had a bios togle enabling the keyboard to work with legacy hardware, but i cannot find such button on this keyboard.


Is there a way i can turn it on so i can select the OS and maybe enter the bios? how do i do that?

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Technically we don't support Win Xp any longer but you can try in BIOS mode. We removed the physical switch but you can get into the mode by holding down the Win lock+F1 key for about 15 seconds.


Windows xp works fine, the software doesn't but i have the hardware profiles and those are more than enough, the issue was indeed the OS Selection screen


EDIT: While i noticed that the windows lock key wouldn't trigger with F1, i didn't know it needed a few seconds of a hold process. That really worked, keyboard lights go off and the keyboard can now be used in the OS selection screen normally, with arrow keys and everything, i understand that this disables some features in the keyboard, but now i know how to enter one mode and the other.

Thank you.

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