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Vengeance PRO RGB lagging?


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Hi guys!

I recently completed my new desktop.

I have some nice set of corsair equipment, this is:

- H100i PRO RGB cooler

- 6x HD120 fans

- Lightning Node PRO

- Commander PRO

- 2x8GB Vengeance RGB Pro


The RGB fan controller is connected to the 1st slot in Commander PRO, the 4 led strips are connected to the second one. The cooler usb is connected to Commander PRO as well.


I am using iCUE to adjust and synchronize the lightning.


However, I am facing some problems with the memory - in quite some lightning modes, they are out of sync in case of colors/speeds.


For example: when setting a lightning effect and choosing COLOR SHIFT (in LIGHTNING LINK column) all the fans, led strips and AIO cooler shift nicely together, but the memories are changing colors as if they were completely separated.


Any clues how to fix it?



Kind regards,


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Thanks a lot!


Previously, under Settings, I got a notice "COMMANDER PRO is already running the newest version of the Firmware".


I went to do a little more research and only by then I noticed that the firmwares for AIO/Commander Pro/Memory are separate, and indeed, an update of Memory Firmware helped :)


True, when I change the lightning effects for the first seconds memory still lags a little with colors/speeds, but then it catches up and everything is nicely linked!


Thanks :)

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