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Key Chatter, Key Double Typing


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I purchased STRAFE RGB keyboard in February 2018. It had worked fine for about 6 months and then some of the keys started to make Key Chatter and Double Typing.

I have firmware v2.05 on keyboard and use iCUE version 3.6.109. I have tried some of the suggestions written in FAQ and on the forum but they do not help much. I have tested the keyboard with the SWITCH HITTER program and found that some of the keys are chattering on 24ms and 32ms.

I think, even if I RMA the keyboard and receive a new one it will not help me for a long period of time with the new keyboard. It looks like this problem is common for the mechanical keyboards. I wish I knew it early, before I purchased this keyboard.

So, I have a question to developers. Is it possible to change the polling rate for the STRAFE RGB keyboard to 40ms? I have only options 8ms, 4ms, 2ms, 1ms.

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Hi buddy..


go here




get Keyboard Chatter Fix.


Run it.. look for what it detects.... screen print it..... open a support ticket and attach the screen shot....



in the mean time that program will control the chatter for you..


It's only a common problem if you look for people with problems online... only the unhappy post about it.. the happy people are at home enjoying their keyboard ;). too happy post a review...... the good truly outweighs the bad.

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I purchased the K95 Platinum on July 19, 2018. Chatter started a couple weeks ago. S, D, R, E, I and a couple more.


If I remove the key and just push the post, chatter is gone on that particular key.


When I replace the key, chatter seems suppressed for a short while then resumes.


Seems more like a mechanical problem rather than firmware. Really I don't want to RMA because I don't have any other working keyboard.


Any suggestions for a non-warranty-voiding home fix?



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