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ICUE - H100i Fan controller issue


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So besides having the issue with the Corsair Service hanging and iCue loses all monitoring and fan control (see this thread: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=178964) - I'm also having this issue:


I have a fan profile but the fans are always ramping up and down. Causing wearing and noise issues.


Please take a look at the picture in attachment, if you notice the temp is well above 40ºC and the Fan should be at a static 60%. but the RPM's are always inconsistent.


Is this normal?


Thanks for the help


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What's the control set to for the fan? That's not included in the screen shot.


As for the RPM inconsistency, some inconsistency is normal. Unfortunately, the graphs don't show the range of the graph. While it looks large, if the range of the graph is, say, 50 RPM, it's actually not bad. So we need hard, actual numbers. Using the graph in the "Graphing" tab for the cooler may help as well; at least it shows the min/max value for the graph.

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