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K95 Causing Strange Power Issues


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Hello all,


New to the forums here. I just recently upgraded to basically a complete Corsair ecosystem (mouse, mouse pad, keyboard, headset, headset stand, and even have the h150i cpu cooler..I guess I better get some LL fans next :)


Anyways... I LOVE these products so far. The only strange thing I have noticed is I went to power down my PC last night via windows shut down and noticed something really strange. After doing so, a couple case fans, my CPU cooler LED, and the K95 keyboard continued to illuminate (the case fans were spinning very slowly too). I had to actually flip the power supply switch on the back of my PSU to shut them all off.


So I began to investigate. I checked all the motherboard cables and everything was tight / secure, no change.

I am using the USB pass-through cable on the keyboard and the other USB is just plugged into a USB 3.0 port for the keyboard function. So I start unplugging stuff starting with keyboard since it was still illuminating after the power down. I quickly discovered after unplugging the K95 pass-through this cut power to the other components (including the keyboard) from running (while still having the 3.0 port plugged in).


So strange... it feels like the pass-though is causing some kind of short and allowing power to be sent to other components.





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