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ICUE Actions interrupting each other on K95


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Hello Fellow Icue users :)


i recently bought a K95 Keyboard and switched from a non mechanical Logitech KB which had programmable macro buttons as well.


I now discovered a problem, which is that icue actions interrupt each other. For example:


In diablo3 i currently use two Icue Actions


one is a toggled, constant pressing of the button 4 twice per second,


the other one is also a toggled pressing of the button + every 30ms (i bound + to force move ingame to walk around without klicking on monsters, chest etc to get to safety while standing in the middle of monsters or on ground effects.)


unlike with the old logitech keyboard i cant have both repeated actions run simultaneously. when im having ICUE press 4 twice per second, and then use the force move action, the pressing 4 action stops, until i quit the force move action.

is there a way to have both actions active at the same time?


thanks for help!

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Corsair iCUE does not support threaded macros. You will have to use basically any other macro software. I know it sucks I am in the same boat. I was forced to move back to Razer and have a full set of Corsair Peripherals in my closet collecting dust due to this issue. I have been waiting what has now been more than a year for this to be fixed without a word from Corsair other than a post from about a year ago saying this issue is a "windows limitation" which it clearly is not because this is the first macro software I have found since Windows XP when I started using macros that can't run two or more at a time.


You can't do two macros simultaneously like what you described. Its technically an OS limitation.
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What bull****. Just came to this thread from google suffering from the same issue.


Corsair please, get your **** together. This is a basic feature. I really hope the new iCUE thats being beta tested gets a new macro threading implementation.

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