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Hi team Corsair.


My 24 year old kid is a heavy gamer and just put together this monster z370 system and gave me his old asus z97-a. He is a hardcore windows gamer and Im a music producer so I turned my old mac pro into a boat anchor and hackintoshed the Z97-a. After looking at his new 3200 RGB memory I was on a mission to RGB my new hackintosh.


So I got a Commander Pro, 2 LED Pro modules, 5 LL140 fans, led fan controller, Hydro H115i and I run a Mac :(


So to make this work I installed VMWare and installed Win 10 just to see my new pretty lights light up.


Well that is a good idea and it does work, I guess Im asking for a Mac rev of iCue :)


Help me Corsair, you're my only hope.

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